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Many of us are afraid that our prospected customers will reject our proposal. However, it is important for businesses to overcome such struggle in order for you to stay on the track. You should know how to properly react when your customers tell you that your product is too expensive or your product features are inferior.

If you want to survive in business, you should be able to handle customer objections and rejections all the time. In order for us to maximise our closing rate in every meeting, we will need to handle our customer’s objections well and turn every objection or rejection to a purchasing decision.

Whenever you hear an objection or rejection, you should never forget to thank them. You need to acknowledge that you hear their voice. Never get defensive when your customers are raising their concerns. Also, make sure you ask a question that gets your prospective customers talking. Don’t ask a simple yes or no question or insult your customer. Ask a question that could generate information for you to understand your customers’ point of views.

Knowing how to deal with customer objections is important. Too much time and attention being spent on objections in sales meetings and sales training wastes a lot of your time and energy. Deal with these objections correctly so that you can focus on the skills and resources needed to help sales people eliminate objections from the sales process in the first place.

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